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  • How can you charge less than other DJs?

We don’t think you have to go broke to get good service. Our goal is to provide a night everyone will remember at a reasonable and affordable price. Many other DJs rely on bridal shows and expensive advertising, however we focus more on our reputation and word of mouth so we can pass the savings onto our clients. We also own all of our equipment which keeps our overhead costs low as there is no need to rent equipment.

  • Do I have to sign a contract?

Contracts are good for both parties as it spells out exactly what is to be expected. You can also rest assured that your DJ will be at your event no matter what without any surprises. In the extremely rare case that a DJ cannot make it, we always have DJ’s on standby should this ever occur. A lot of DJs who do not use contracts seem to flake out last minutes and leave their clients in a bind. We get constant last minutes calls like this unfortunately.

  • Where do you get your music from?

All of our music is fully licensed and contains no foul language. We are members of ERG Music Canada, Promo Only Canada, X-Mix and several others. All of our music is quality and volume balanced, so that there is no feedback, strange background noises, or one song louder than the other. We also do not illegally download music.

  • Will the Dj take a break during the night?

No, In our opinion there is no reason for us to take a break, so that the dancing will continue all night, seamlessly.

  • Will we be able to request music?

Certainly, and we actually encourage people to do so. We do not have any “set” playlists, or play the same music at every party. We believe that every party is unique and all crowds are different, that’s why we play every song thru out the night and adapt to what the crowd wants to hear to ensure the party goes on all night.

  • Will we be able to set up a meeting before our event?

Yes, we would recommend this so that everyone will be on the same page. We personalize every event to meet various clients wants and needs. We will set up a meeting about 2-4 weeks prior to the event and go over song selections, itineraries, and any other special request for the evening.

  • How can we ensure the volume is at the correct level?

Our most important concern thru out the evening is the volume of everything going on. We will be constantly walking thru out the room and talking to guest to ensure that the volume is at a comfortable level to maintain conversation. When the dancing part begins we will play it slightly louder so that everyone dancing can enjoy, however still not so loud that everyone else attending can still talk and enjoy their evening.

  • Can we have you do special announcements and games?

Sure, we offer full MC services included with every party as well. We can certainly look after your timeline and ensure everything is on schedule, as well as do any annoucements, introductions, toasts, special dances, etc. We also have a large variety of games and fun activities we can do thru out the evening as well.

  • What will you be wearing?

Our DJs are always dressed for the occasion. For weddings and formal events, it is always suit and tie. We always confirm with clients prior to the event to ensure our DJ is properly presented.

  • Can the DJ play longer than originally booked?

We will never stop anyone from having a good time, so in all cases if it is requested to stay later, we can. We would usually confirm this is alright with the clients who booked the event, as we would usually charge a flat hourly fee after the time that was originally booked.

  • Do we have to provide the DJ with a meal at the reception?

We do not expect a meal to be provided for us, however if it is an all day event it would be much appreciated as we do not take breaks.

  • Do we tip our DJ?

We feel that you are in no way obligated to tip your DJ, however if you feel they went above and beyond to ensure your party was a success, and if you would like to express your gratitude it would much appreciated.

  • Do you have backup equipment?

We always have at minimum 1 extra backup of absolutely every piece of equipment we are using. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong or break, it should be seamless and should not effect the night at all.

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